Vinyasa Yoga is meditation in motion. A continuous stream of Attention attends to the body as it flows from shape to shape. Each change in position is driven by the rhythm of the breath. Gliding transitions from pose to pose compose a perpetual current of mind and body, dancing in perfect harmony.

Vinyasa yoga is dynamic stretching categorised by sequenced positions practiced in recurring patterns. Each ebb and flow through the framework of a sun salutation takes the student deeper and deeper into their experience. It’s a beautiful way to build flexibility, strength, balance and coordination.

Learning to guide a vinyasa yoga class is an art. The teacher becomes a conductor of sorts that is able to seamlessly orchestrate verbal instruction, demonstration of positions, offering physical and verbal adjustments, instructing the breath, delivering a meaningful philosophical theme, encouraging students and managing their safety. Often coordinated to music, a vinyasa class is a multi layered experience that address the body, the mind and the soul.

This 200 Hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training program springs from the Krishnamacharya tradition. There will be an equal emphasis on all subjects honouring the rich history that makes up this healing system.


Yin Yoga is an integrative practice that combines observation, sensation and stillness. Positions are held for 3-5 minutes in a passive way. The weight of the body and the force of gravity do all the work. With each exhale there is the potential to do less, to let go, to relax into the shape.

In these suspended moments, the student has an opportunity to listen to their body. Sensation is the language of the body and with practiced attention the student has the potential to tune-in to what the body really needs. When we attend to sensation with no agenda or expectations, we can re-establish healthy movement patterns, release negativity and awaken to the peaceful truth that underlies all reality.

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