Yoga comes from the sanskrit word “yuk” which means to “unite/union”. It is an ancient form of exercise. Yoga is all about harmonising the body with the mind & breath through the means of various breathing techniques, yoga postures (Asana) & meditation. It’s is practiced by many for an overall healthy lifestyle, mind, body & soul.


Hot yoga is the same as Yoga but with a modern day spin on it. We practice yoga in a studio with temperatures that can heat up to between 34 to 40 degrees. However, we use radiant heat panels (which is also used in incubators for babies) it warms objects rather than the air. So don’t panic it’s not that overwhelming kind of heat that you get in a sauna or steam room. Its a gentle heat, warming the body inside, out. It Warms the muscles making it easier to stretch more deeply and safely.


Relief from Arthritis | Improves balance and concentration | Aids in improvement of the digestive system | Weight loss | You sweat a lot more helping to eliminate toxins, detoxifying the body | Tone up and strengthen | Relieves aches and pains | Helps with insomnia | Helps with anxiety, stress and depression | Healthy glow to your skin

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